Indoor Studio Classes - Currently not running due to COVID-19

Small Group Fitness

We offer a variety of classes within the Studio (in normal circumstances) and from a Virtual basis from a Monday-Saturday. Our main focus at the Studio is making sure privacy is key and making our clients feel relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings. 

Our team is made up of 6 trainers. We have 2 x male & 4 x female qualified Personal Trainers with a world of experience. We also have connections with local sports masseurs and Osteopaths with many years of experience. When you contact Let Luce Training you will receive a reply from Lucy, the owner at the soonest possible time. Please use the contact page to send an enquiry.


Every new client receives their 1st class free.

We also open our doors to Mums. It is a great opportunity to workout with childcare taken care of, as well as teaching the little ones the importance of exercise and fitness as they grow older. We find the first exercise the little ones tend to do is a squat! 

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Virtual Classes & Personal Training -  Available at home

Due to Covid-19 we now offer an online training service. This includes Personal training and a variety of Virtual classes with a duration of either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. This is a great way to train if circumstances have changed and you are unable to maybe leave the children to have some time to workout or if you work from home and do not have enough time or availability to leave the house. 

Virtual classes include - HIIT, Core, Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Barbell & Resistance Band workouts.

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Hiit Training 45 minutes - Available at home

Our Small Group HIIT Classes have a duration of 30 or 45 minutes in duration. We cater for every fitness level from beginner to advanced. Providing a range of Bodyweight and weighted exercises all of which can be varied to each clients needs/injuries. We like to use Functional equipment which means a good deal of rope slamming, dumbbell work, medicine balls, and resistance bands.

We believe working out should be fun and enjoyable...even if you are sweating buckets! Sometimes we may have you working as a group, in couples or individually. We cater each session to who has specifically booked in, playing to their strengths and sometimes focusing on their weaknesses for improvement.

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Lunchtime Blast 30 Minutes - In Studio - Currently not available

We provide a lunchtime workout for those able to squeeze one in. The workout consists of both bodyweight and weighted exercises. This class is a brilliant fat burner to keep your metabolism running efficiently throughout the day. 

This class as well as all others can be booked via our 
user friendly app found in your App/Android Store.


P9 Fitness 45 minutes - Currently not available

We also provide a class with a difference. P9, also known as Procedos is an exercise class that combines movements that you wouldn't necessarily perform on a daily basis. Each client has a mat to stand on which is made up of circles and numbers. You simply have to listen out for the number and follow the instruction. Sounds simple enough...give it a go! Even the fittest of our clients have been challenged by this workout with a difference. Think of twister...but less fun haha!

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Boxing Hiit 45 minutes - Available at home

If you are looking to learn some new skills and SWEAT, this is the class for you. Taught by Abi and Kim our lovely female trainers, you are bound to feel great coming out of this class. Its fun, hard work and goes very quickly! 

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Bodyweight Blast 30 minutes - Currently not available

This class is designed to use bodyweight only. It is packed with exercises and minimal rests to make use of the full 30 minutes. This is a great way to learn the basics of form by learning to move and control your own body before picking up the weights. 


Family Hiit 45 minutes - In Studio - Available at home

Classed as "Virtual HIIT"on app

The is a female only class designed specifically to allow every mum to workout without the cost of childcare. There is no age limit but we do ask that all parents are 100% accountable for their children. Our classes are similar to the Hiit classes above but the only difference....kiddy winks crawling around the shop. It is a fun, safe and warm environment for mums and especially first time mums who may not know many people and need to get out of the house. 

The classes are designed to work you and you WILL receive a total body workout using weighted equipment and bodyweight exercises.